What is the QuitCoach?

The QuitCoach provides you with a personalised quit plan, based on your answers to questions about your motivation to quit, confidence, experiences of past attempts to quit, and other important issues. It is designed to provide relevant, useful advice wherever you are in your quit attempt - from not being ready to quit to having trouble staying stopped.

The QuitCoach is free, and has helped thousands to achieve their goal - becoming a non-smoker!

As you progress towards your goal, you'll face new challenges along the way. The QuitCoach works best if you join, and use it to review your situation when things have changed. The QuitCoach then asks questions relevant to your current situation, and your new quit plan will reflect the progress you have made.


Please note:
You have come to this version of the QuitCoach website because you are interested in viewing the modifications offered to participants in the 'Effects of timing of initiation and planning on smoking cessation outcomes' randomised controlled trial (Borland, Balmford & Swift, 2013, BMC Public Health). Please join the site and complete an assessment. Certain questions will include instructions for answering, to ensure that you answer in such a way to be eligible for the study. During the assessment, you will be given the opportunity to choose which study condition you would like to join.

In general, eligibility for the immediate implementation arm of the study is limited to smokers interested in quitting, who do not already have a quit date within the next 2 days. Eligibility for the structured planning arm of the study is open to all smokers interested in quitting, as well as those who have already quit less than 4 days ago.